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Date of Birth : 28th December, 1972
Occupation : Actress
Home : Kyoto, Japan
Shinobu was born on December 28 1972 in Kyoto.
She is the firstborn daughter in an unbroken line of stage family; her father is Kikugoro Onoe, a Kabuki actor and also designated a living national treasure; her mother is actress Sumiko Fuji; her younger brother is a Kabuki actor Kikunosuke Onoe.

While at Aoyama High School, Shinobu made her debut in TV drama "Shijyou no Tabibito" (NHK) in 1989.
In 1992, she became an understudy of acting group, Bungakuza, after she had gotten advise from late actress Kiwako Taichi.
She made her first theatrical debut in the following year in "Koi to Kamen to Carnival" which directed by Nobuhiro Nishikawa.
She also has met theatrical producer Yukio Ninagawa in the ame year in "Chi no Konrei". Shinobu continued theatrical works and appeared in a number of plays.
A charismatic actress late Haruko Sugimura sometimes took the leading roles in those plays. After she quit Bungakuza in 1996, she appeared in "Hanaoka Seishu no Tsuma" which brought her the breakthrough actress award at the Bunka-choGeijyutsuAwards.
Shinobu did not make boundaries and kept working in both theatrical and TV industries.

She won the best actress award at the 4th Yomiuri Engeki Awards in 1987.
She has triumphed individual award at the Kinokuniya Engeki Awards and the best actress award at the 9th Yomiuri Engeki Awards for the performance of "Street Named Desire" directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2002.

She received the best theatrical art award at the 6th Asahi Performing Arts Awards, and the best actress award at the 14thYomiuri Engaki Awards in 2007 for "Kaku-Onna".
As for film works, she collected more than 10 best actress awards for the performance of "Akame 48 Waterfalls" (Dir. Genjiro Arato) and "Vibrator" (Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki) in not only Japanese but also international awards.

The Awards are:
The 16th Tokyo International Film Festival 2003
The 28th Hochi Film Award
The 25th Yokohama Movie Festival
The 16th Nikkan Sports Eiga Taisho
The 58th Mainichi Film Awards 2004
The 46th Blue Ribbon Awards
The 27th Japan Academy Prize

She won two awards at the 77th Kinema Junpo Best Ten; the best actress and the best new actress, and the best new actress at the 28th Elan d’or Awards.

Her other film works are:
"Tokyo Tower" (Dir. Takashi Minamoto) 2005
"Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" (Dir. Zhang Yimou) 2006
"It’s Only Talk" (Dir. Ryuichi Hiroki) 2006
"Aino Rukeichi" (Dir. Yasuo Tsuruhashi) 2007
"Gegege-no-kitaro Sennen noroiuta"(Dir. Katsuhide Motoki) 2008
"Happy Flight"(Dir. Shinobu Yaguchi) 2008

She married with French art director Laurent Ghnassia in 2007.
After the marriage, she appeared in "William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice" which directed by Gregory Doran, an associate director of Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 2010, she is play the role of Otome, Ryoma Sakamoto’s elder sister, in NHK’s year-long period drama. Her other films in 2010 are "Ningen-shikkaku" directed by Genjiro Arato,"Caterpillar" directed by Koji Wakamatsu.
She won the Silver Bear for Best Actress in Berlin Film Festival 2010 (Official Competition)

Higurashi-no-ki Directed by Takashi Koizumi-2014
Savage Night Directed by Kristof Sagna-2015
Shellcollector Directed by Yoshifumi Tsubota-2016
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